Will Smith parodies viral AI-generated video by actually eating spaghetti


The real Will Smith eating spaghetti, parodying an AI-generated video from 2023.
Enlarge / The real Will Smith eating spaghetti, parodying an AI-generated video from 2023.

On Monday, Will Smith posted a video on his official Instagram feed that parodied an AI-generated video of the actor eating spaghetti that went viral last year. With the recent announcement of OpenAI’s Sora video synthesis model, many people have noted the dramatic jump in AI-video quality over the past year compared to the infamous spaghetti video. Smith’s new video plays on that comparison by showing the actual actor eating spaghetti in a comical fashion and claiming that it is AI-generated.

Captioned “This is getting out of hand!”, the Instagram video uses a split screen layout to show the original AI-generated spaghetti video created by a Reddit user named “chaindrop” in March 2023 on the top, labeled with the subtitle “AI Video 1 year ago.” Below that, in a box titled “AI Video Now,” the real Smith shows 11 video segments of himself actually eating spaghetti by slurping it up while shaking his head, pouring it into his mouth with his fingers, and even nibbling on a friend’s hair. 2006’s Snap Yo Fingers by Lil Jon plays in the background.

In the Instagram comments section, some people expressed confusion about the new (non-AI) video, saying, “I’m still in doubt if second video was also made by AI or not.” In a reply, someone else wrote, “Boomers are gonna loose [sic] this one. Second one is clearly him making a joke but I wouldn’t doubt it in a couple months time it will get like that.”

We have not yet seen a model with the capability of Sora attempt to create a new Will-Smith-eating-spaghetti AI video, but the result would likely be far better than what we saw last year, even if it contained obvious glitches. Given how things are progressing, we wouldn’t be surprised if by 2025, video synthesis AI models can replicate the parody video created by Smith himself.

It’s worth noting for history’s sake that despite the comparison, the video of Will Smith eating spaghetti did not represent the state of the art in text-to-video synthesis at the time of its creation in March 2023 (that title would likely apply to Runway’s Gen-2, which was then in closed testing). However, the spaghetti video was reasonably advanced for open weights models at the time, having used the ModelScope AI model. More capable video synthesis models had already been released at that time, but due to the humorous cultural reference, it’s arguably more fun to compare today’s AI video synthesis to Will Smith grotesquely eating spaghetti than to teddy bears washing dishes.


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