OpenAI Showing Off Video-Generating System to Hollywood Directors


Is Hollywood going to embrace AI?

Director’s Cut

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s no way you missed OpenAI’s blockbuster demo of Sora, its upcoming video-generating AI which — while still imperfect — blows every system that’s currently available out of the water.

Now, with the company’s chief technology officer saying that Sora could be publicly released as soon as this year, Bloomberg‘s got a major scoop: that OpenAI has already been taking Sora on the road in Hollywood, showing it to a selection of unnamed film studios and directors.

“OpenAI has a deliberate strategy of working in collaboration with industry through a process of iterative deployment — rolling out AI advances in phases — in order to ensure safe implementation and to give people an idea of what’s on the horizon,” an OpenAI spokesperson told Bloomberg, confirming the report. “We look forward to an ongoing dialogue with artists and creatives.”

Inhuman Touch

The use of AI in commercial films is an explosive topic amid broader fears of AI eliminating jobs.

Some creatives have embraced the promise of the tech. Filmmaker Tyler Perry nixed a large studio expansion in anticipation of green screening in Sora-generated backgrounds last month, and AI-generated imagery has showed up in both the latest season of “True Detective” and the acclaimed horror flick “Late Night With the Devil.”

Others, though, have expressed opposition. Studio Ghibli cofounder Hayao Myazazi said he was “utterly disgusted” by use of the tech, and Dakota Johnson slammed it as insulting to audiences.

There are also copyright issues looming over the entire generative AI space that could make Hollywood apprehensive. Earlier this month, the same OpenAI exec who teased that Sora could be released this year was flummoxed when asked what data the system had been trained on, saying she didn’t know and refusing to provide an answer.

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