OpenAI replaces ChatGPT plugins with more advanced GPTs


OpenAI is pulling the plug on ChatGPT plugins and replacing them with more advanced and streamlined GPTs. 

The company says GPTs will take over plugins on March 19. Existing plugin conversations will only be available until April 9.

If you’re new here, GPTs are Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs). OpenAI confirmed this developmental pivot in a blog post on the company’s website

“Thank you for using ChatGPT plugins. We’ve taken feedback from other users like you and used it to create GPTs. Based on the adoption of GPTs by both users and builders, we’ve decided to wind down the plugin beta”

So why is OpenAI giving plugins the boot?

At first, ChatGPT plugins were like magic tools for AI, allowing it to find data in real-time, make bookings, or search the Internet for information during a conversation. 

On the other hand, GPTs are capable of so much more. And the best part? Given the wide adoption rate, anyone can make them, so it’s easy to see why OpenAI is going in this direction. 

For developers, moving from plugins to GPTs is like upgrading from a manual tool to a high-tech one, offering more possibilities for developers to be creative and innovative. 

This transition opens up new opportunities for both developers and users.

AI is advancing rapidly with Gemini and GPT-4, making interactions more human-like. Better understanding of context, nuanced responses, and reduced biases show a new

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