OpenAI drama finally ends but proves the battle for AI supremacy remains wide open


What else mattered this week besides OpenAI?

Well, plenty, but nothing to match the drama as CEO Sam Altman first gets fired, then rehired within days as nearly the entirely company revolts against the erstwhile board, to great joy among the troops (pictured). There’s still mystery behind the precise reasons for the internal split, but the main takeaway is not all positive for OpenAI: The debacle signals that the AI opportunity remains wide open.

The OpenAI drama ends (for now)

Never mind, back to work: It’s over: OpenAI reaches agreement ‘in principle’ for Sam Altman to return as CEO, with new board

Yikes? Report: OpenAI board’s ouster of Sam Altman followed potential AGI breakthrough

Even if Altman & Co. are back, the market is unquestionably more open than it was a few days ago: Breaking Analysis: The OpenAI meltdown: Winners and losers in the battle for AI supremacy

OpenAI staff make jokes about CEO drama as they announce new ChatGPT voice feature

Microsoft hires Sam Altman and others for new AI group as most of OpenAI staff threatens to leave

Sam Altman arrives back at OpenAI HQ as investors push for his reinstatement

Special Report: The Battle for AI Supremacy

Our latest special report ahead of our Supercloud 5 event of the same name next week, with live reporting and analysis coming continuously from AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, HPE Discover in Barcelona and theCUBE’s Palo Alto studio. Get started with these several stories laying out the cloud AI landscape. And  register here for the free event. Here’s the special report so far:

Breaking Analysis: The OpenAI meltdown: Winners and losers in the battle for AI supremacy

Who will win the battle for AI in the cloud? Maybe everyone

Tech firm uses a brace of generative AI tools to slash content production times

In other AI news

Generative AI startup AI21 Labs finds additional backers to close Series C funding round at $208M

Anthropic updates Claude 2.1 AI chatbot to process bigger files and improved safety

Inflection AI debuts new flagship Inflection-2 LLM trained on 5,000 H100 chips

Google expands Bard’s YouTube integration

Nvidia launches super-fast Spectrum-X Ethernet to accelerate generative AI workloads

Arm debuts Cortex-M52 processor to power AI on the smallest IoT devices

Rockset enhances vector search to support cloud-based AI applications at scale

Microsoft, OpenAI sued over alleged unauthorized use of nonfiction authors’ work in AI training

AWS launches AI Ready initiative to equip 2M people with AI skills

Nvidia and Genentech collaborate to accelerate drug discovery with AI

Neo4j and AWS team up to enhance generative AI applications with graph database technology

C3 AI brings its C3 Generative AI platform to AWS Marketplace


One of the largest tech acquisitions ever finally closes: Broadcom restructures VMware into four divisions after closing $61B acquisition Broadcom finally set to close VMware acquisition after receiving regulatory approval in China

UK to invest £500M more in AI compute capacity, launch five new quantum projects


Just bonkers: Nvidia tramples all over Wall Street’s expectations, growing its revenue by 200%+

HP promises AI PCs in second half of 2024 as shares slide on weak forecast

Customer growth helps Zoom surpass revenue expectations

Despite strong quarterly earnings, Autodesk shares fall on weak outlook

Cyber beat

Cloud security continues to give IT managers headaches. Here’s why

Phobos ransomware group steps up its game

Samsung backs $6M round for LLM cybersecurity startup Lasso Security

LockBit malware group still at large, now using Citrix Bleed tactics

Researchers find vulnerabilities in major laptop makers’ Windows Hello implementations

Elsewhere around tech

AR-glasses maker Rokid closes $112M round to expand metaverse products

Digital assets exchange Bullish acquires crypto news site CoinDesk

Crypto exchange Binance to pay $4.3B in fines and CEO ‘CZ’ to step down

X files lawsuit against Media Matters over advertising and antisemitism accusations

What’s next

Supercloud 5: The Battle for AI Supremacy Nov. 28-Dec. 1: SiliconANGLE and theCUBE will present insights into how the big cloud players as well as on-premises veterans are angling to take advantage of the huge AI opportunities, with coverage that includes onsite reporting and interviews from AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, anchored in a live virtual event from our Palo Alto studio. Register here for the event.

HPE Discover Barcelona Nov. 29-30: TheCUBE will be there live and SiliconANGLE will have the news and live commentary from our Palo Alto studio.

Earningspalooza next week: HPE, NetApp, Splunk, Workday, CrowdStrike, Snowflake, Nutanix, Pure Storage, Okta, Dell, Salesforce, UiPath, Marvell Semi, Elastic, PagerDuty.

Photo: Greg Brockman/X

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