Is this the friendly face of AI in 2024? Meet LG’s new ‘AI agent’


As the year draws to an end, the No. 1 trend this year was undoubtedly artificial intelligence.

Although AI promises much, not all is rosy, with various ethical debates around the technology and then thrown into the mix a report of a robot attacking a worker at a Tesla Inc. factory in Texas. With concerns rising, can AI have a friendly face in 2024?

If LG Electronics Inc. has its way, it can. It’s introducing its new two-wheeled “AI agent” (pictured). Described as an “all-around home manager and companion rolled into one,” the robot has been designed to enhance users’ daily lives and to showcase LG’s commitment to realizing its “Zero Labor Home” vision.

The AI agent is able to navigate a home independently, verbally interact with users and express emotions through movements made possible by its articulated leg joints. The robot uses multimodal AI technology, which combines voice and image recognition, along with natural language processing to enable it to understand context and intentions as well as actively communicate with users and interact with smart home appliances.

Under the hood, the AI agent is powered by the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platform and includes on-device AI features such as face and user recognition. The AI agent utilizes a built-in camera, speaker and various sensors to gather real-time environmental data, including temperature, humidity and indoor air quality. The AI can analyze this data, continuously learning and combining it with external information.

Along with providing mobile assistance to users, other use cases for the AI agent include pet monitoring. The AI agent can act as a pet monitor and security guard, allowing users to see and care for their pets remotely and sending alerts if any unusual activity is detected. Given the size of the robot, however, you wouldn’t want to leave it alone with large dogs.

The AI agent can also act as a security guard of sorts, autonomously patrolling a home, moving from one room to another when users have gone out. The robot can send notifications to the user’s smartphone if it finds an open window or any lights left on. In the case of smart outlets and lights, it can turn them on or off as required.

Finally, the AI agent can greet people at the front door, discern their emotions by analyzing their voice and facial expressions, and select music or other content to suit their mood. It can also assist users in their daily lives by providing transportation details, weather updates, personal schedules or reminders to take medications.

There’s no mention of how much the AI agent will cost, but more details are expected to be revealed at the LG launch event at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 8.

Image: LG

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