Honda recalls 750,000 vehicles due to airbag seat sensor problem


An Acura TLX with an inflated airbag next to it
Enlarge / The passenger airbag in some new Hondas and Acuras is very advanced and designed to prevent brain injuries. But a faulty sensor in the seat of some cars means it might deploy when it’s not supposed to.


Honda is recalling more than 750,000 vehicles manufactured between 2020 and 2022. Honda says that a weight sensor, which is meant to disable the passenger airbags if the seat is occupied by a child or child seat, might not work properly, allowing the airbags to deploy during a crash.

Exposure to humidity can cause a capacitor in the sensor to crack and leak, making it inoperable. The problem has been traced to a change in the base material for the sensor’s printed circuit board—Honda’s tier 1 supplier made the change when a natural disaster disrupted production at the tier 2 supplier that normally provided the base material. The changed circuit board was not properly verified and “could allow additional strain to the printed circuit board that can lead to a capacitor cracking and an internal short circuit.”

A warranty claim in August 2020 was Honda’s first inkling that it had a problem. Initial investigations turned up little, but the automaker kept receiving warranty claims and, in January 2024, decided to issue a recall. In total, it says it has had 3,834 warranty claims for this issue between June 2020 and January 2024.

The sensor supplier changed back to the original circuit board material in January 2022, but the problem affects the following models:

  • Acura MDX, model years 2020, 2022
  • Acura RDX, model years 2020-2022
  • Acura TLX, model years 2020-2021
  • Honda Accord, model years 2020-2022
  • Honda Accord Hybrid, model years 2020-2021
  • Honda Civic, model years 2020-2022
  • Honda Civic Type-R, model year 2021
  • Honda CR-V, model years 2020-2021
  • Honda CR-V Hybrid, model years 2020-2021
  • Honda Fit, model year 2020
  • Honda HR-V, model years 2020-2022
  • Honda Insight, model year 2021
  • Honda Odyssey, model years 2020-2022
  • Honda Passport, model years 2020-2021
  • Honda Pilot, model years 2020-2022
  • Honda Ridgeline, model years 2020-2021

The fix in this case is a new seat-weight sensor, which Honda will replace free of charge. Honda is expected to notify owners beginning next month.


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