Google’s Pixel 9 might have three models, adding a small “Pro” phone


OnLeak's renders of the <a href=''>Pixel 9 Pro XL</a>, the <a href=''>Pixel 9 Pro</a>, and the <a href = ''>Pixel 9.</a>
Enlarge / OnLeak’s renders of the Pixel 9 Pro XL, the Pixel 9 Pro, and the Pixel 9.

OnLeaks / 91Mobiles / MySmartPrice

When renders of the Pixel 9 came out in January from OnLeaks, we got our first hints that a big change in Google’s lineup was afoot. Usually, the company does a big “Pro” phone with three cameras and all the premium features and then a smaller Pixel that gets cut down somewhat, usually with only two cameras. Those January renders showed a big and small phone both with three cameras, indicating the base model Pixel 9 was getting updated to be a “mini-Pro” model—a smaller phone, but still with all the trimmings. The small Pro model still seems to be in the works, but apparently, that’s not the base model.

The new render from OnLeaks and 91Mobiles shows a third Pixel 9. This one is the usual cut-down small model with only two cameras. Apparently, the lineup would now be a 6.8-inch “Pixel 9 Pro XL,” a “Pixel 9 Pro” at 6.1 inches, and a “Pixel 9” at 6.0 inches.

The base model’s design looks just like the other Pixel 9 leaks. The camera bar takes on a new rounded pill shape. The sides switch to a flat metal band, like an iPhone 4/15. The corners of the display and phone body are much more rounded.

Keep in mind that Google also has the Pixel “a” series, with the latest model currently being the Pixel 7a. The company also still sells the previous Pixel “a” model, the Pixel 6a, at a reduced $349 price, so that’s five phones in the lineup. The Pixel Fold makes six. When we saw that leak in January, it made sense to us to kill off the base model Pixel 9 because Google has struggled to separate the top-end “a” series phone and the bottom-end Premium phone. Today, the Pixel 7a and Pixel 8 have similar screens, storage, and RAM, and you’d be hard-pressed to see a real-world difference in cameras or the CPU. There’s a $200 price difference between them that isn’t really justified. When the Pixel 8a comes out, it will cost less than the Pixel 8 and should completely cannibalize base-model Pixel 8 sales. Maybe Google is just happy with twice-yearly updates for the middle model.

All of these leaks are super early. Next up in Google’s lineup is the Pixel 8a launch, which will most likely happen in May. The Pixel 9 launch is probably around October.


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