GM starts selling Chevy Blazer EVs again, cuts prices up to $6,250


A red chevrolet Blazer EV
Enlarge / Chevrolet suspended sales of the Blazer EV for three months as a result of software and charging problems.

Jonathan Gitlin

The Chevrolet Blazer EV is back on sale today, more than three months after the automaker took its newest electric vehicle off the market due to a litany of software problems. It has also cut Blazer EV prices, and the company says that the EV now qualifies for the full $7,500 IRS clean vehicle tax credit.

The Blazer EV was the first Chevrolet-badged EV using General Motors’ new Ultium battery platform. Introduced at CES in 2022, Chevrolet actually started delivering the first Blazer EVs last August. But not very many of them—by the end of the year, only 463 Blazer EVs had found homes.

Ars drove the Blazer EV in December and came away unconvinced. On the road, it suffered from lots of NVH, and we ran into software bugs with the Ultifi infotainment system. We weren’t the only ones to experience problems—charging bugs left another journalist stranded on a road trip with a Blazer EV that refused to charge.

Three days later, GM issued a stop-sale order for the car.

Now, the Blazer EV is on sale again and with what Chevrolet is calling “significant software updates.” Some of these are to the UI, but those charging problems should be solved now as well.

The other problem with the Blazer EV, beyond quality issues, was its rather high price. The promised $44,995 version was ditched before the car was launched; instead, the cheapest Blazer EV on sale was the $56,715 all-wheel drive LT, and at $60,215 the all-wheel drive Blazer EV RS was more expensive than the closely related Cadillac Lyriq.

To help tempt customers back into the showroom, Chevrolet has also given the Blazer EV a hefty price cut. Now, the Blazer EV LT costs $50,195, $6,520 less than at launch. The Blazer EV RS got $5,620 cheaper and now starts at $56,175.


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