Galaxy S24 Ultra may get better zoom despite missing 10x lens


Samsung is expected to drop the Galaxy S24 Ultra with a bunch of AI features in the coming Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, slated for January 17. 

The company is also rumored to remove the famed 10X zoom leans from the device this year. However, despite the elimination of the 10X zoom camera, a leaker claims that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will take better zoom photos than its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra

The leak comes from the reliable leaker, Ice Universe, whose X/Twitter post claims that “taking pictures at 10x zoom, S24U is better than S23U.”

A bold statement indeed. But apparently, it’s an accurate one, as the statement comes after taking a peek at the actual viewing samples from the device even before the software was completed. 

What’s the secret behind Galaxy S24 Ultra? 

Samsung galaxy s24 ultra in four colorways
Source: Arsene Lupin on X

We were worried about the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s performance when a previous leak revealed that the company was going forward with the removal of the 10X optical camera

While Ice Universe’s post supports the older claim, it also establishes that the S24 Ultra’s zoom photography is superior to its predecessor. 

Samsung has been praised for the Galaxy S21, S22 Ultra, and S23 Ultra’s superb zoom performance using optical zoom from the 3x and 10x lenses. 

However, Samsung has decided to go with a 5x telephoto lens alongside the 3x, standard, and ultrawide shooters.

It’s the dawn of AI, and we speculate that is the answer behind Samsung’s major leap. The company is relying heavily on computational photography, and it could get even better as AI improves. 

Take a look at Google as an example. The search engine company has been boasting improvements to its Super Res Zoom for the Pixel phones for the last few years. 

However, if Samsung is improving zoom photos with artificial intelligence, AI will likely be the primary focus of the Galaxy Unpacked event, which the company has been teasing for the past few days.

Free reservations are open with a $50 credit when you pre-order a Galaxy S24 handset, which will last until January 17.

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