ChatGPT is finally up after hours of outage, now with free voice search

Amid OpenAI’s chaotic week, ChatGPT was down. The company’s AI chatbot faced a massive outage earlier today that lasted over three hours.

During this outage, users were unable to use the chatbot, which resulted in a flood of reports on Twitter/X. This happened only days after the biggest ChatGPT update yet.

According to Down Detector’s outage report, the platform started seeing a spike in errors around 2 AM. PT.

However, OpenAI responded immediately and wrote the following on its status page during the outage.

The underlying issue is due to an issue with our database replicas. ChatGPT and non-completion API endpoints are partially impacted, while completion API endpoints, including chat completions, are only minimally impacted.

The company has also stated that they will share the details of the outage, or “public postmortem,” as the company put it, as to what happened and how they will prevent similar issues in the future.

ChatGPT is finally up with the free voice search feature

Around 8:46 PM ET., OpenAI announced, “We are back up, and everything should be working as expected.”

However, even after the official announcement, numerous users are reporting that the service is back up and running for them, while others are still experiencing disruptions in the service.

We are not sure of the reason behind this disparity in the service. Hopefully, it will stabilize in the next few hours.

That said, while the outage was going on, OpenAI announced the new voice search feature, now available to everyone for free.

However, it’s not a brand new feature. It was previously hidden behind a paywall, but now it is accessible to everyone.