Arc Search delivers AI-powered browsing to your iPhone


The Browser Company has launched a new app for iPhones, called Arc Search, which promises to revolutionize the browser experience.

In a world where new products and apps launch every week, Arc Search is designed to help users keep up, bringing everything they are searching for to them quickly and without distractions.

What Arc Search does is scour the internet for an answer to your question, from social media to news outlets to blogs, seeking a way to present the information to you in a tidy and neatly packaged way.

Instead of using Google to look for the information yourself, you just launch Arc, type in your query like “Who made it into the Super Bowl?” and wait for the app to build you an answer.

Arc Search can browse for you and create summary sites

The app summarizes the content it found so you don’t have to read a ton of articles to get the information you need.

It clears the clutter, and blocks ads, trackers, and banners. If you want an even cleaner mode, you can go for the Reader Mode to keep distractions at bay through a minimal design.

Arc search ios browser reader mode showing the knowtechie website
Image: KnowTechie

The Arc browser is a breath of fresh air, mixing the power of an AI chatbot with those of a search engine to get you the perfect summary.

The browser is intuitive and designed for 2024’s internet usage and beyond, bringing a new level of creativity and productivity to users.

While the browser experience can be overwhelming and distracting, Arc Search is hoping to revolutionize this by offering a faster, cleaner, and more efficient browsing experience for iPhone users.

Arc Search is still in its early stages, and The Browser Company is welcoming user feedback to improve and create a differentiated browser experience for all. Overall, Arc Search is a promising app that every iPhone user must check out.

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