advastore sets new standards in e-commerce with autonomous fulfillment centre.


Today advastore, a Munich-based e-commerce and logistics startup, emerges with the opening of its first fully autonomous fulfillment centre. 

The launch of the advaCentre comes after raising a previously undisclosed $50 million in early-stage equity financing last summer.

advastore was founded in 2020 by Flaschenpost founder Dieter Büchl, and in November 2020, Flaschenpost was part of Germany’s largest-ever tech acquisition when Dr. Oetker Group acquired the last-mile delivery business for $1 billion. 

advastore’s proprietary technology uses robotics and AI to redefine the conventional order fulfilment process. It creates fully automated, human-free picking and packing of products — AI defines the most efficient packaging for each specific order and selects the ideal method and route based on the product’s dimensions and mass — a first in the industry.

Felix Lösch, CCO at advastore shared: 

“Our tech is really shaking things up. By diving into the world of robotics and AI, we’re doing more than just streamlining the fulfillment process; we’re turning it into a powerhouse that lets retailers stand toe-to-toe with the big industry players. 

It’s all about nailing efficiency and accuracy at every step of the supply chain, making sure our clients are ready to take on the fast pace of today’s e-commerce scene.” 

advastore also sets a precedent in environmental responsibility. By leveraging advanced packaging machines, the startup minimises packaging material and waste, and the strategic location of the advastore automated warehouse in Hessian Niederaula, minimises transport routes, reducing vehicle emissions, and, in turn, the e-commerce CO2 footprint.

“advastore is the first global player to make e-commerce fulfillment automated end-to-end,” says Christian Meermann, founding partner at Cherry Ventures.

 “And, while advastore’s technology and warehouse solutions will allow merchants to keep logistics costs low and improve process quality, it will, on the flip side, also provide e-commerce customers a more top-notch experience compared to current solutions. 

Following the success of Flaschenpost, we’re thrilled to partner with Dieter again and the entire advastore crew as they help online retailers compete in an increasingly competitive market.”

Lead image: advaCentre via advastore. Photo: Uncredited.


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