10 European robotics startups revolutionising the future


Nomagic (Poland)

Nomagic is a company that brings expertise in robotics, cloud and deep learning together with experience in logistics.

In order to get one step closer to full automation, their services are based on Intelligent Robotics, e-commerce and retail as they provide smart pick-and-place robotic systems that adapt to multiple environments. These robots can receive, store, sort and pack products, operating from 1 shift, 5 days a week to 24/7 depending on needs thus ensuring performance, reliability and scalability.

The robotic solutions include justPick, a picking robot that works with AutoStore and Shuttle systems, and justInduct, a robot that is able to pick multi-SKU batches.

The company’s portfolio of clients includes fashion, e-commerce and third-party logistics providers.

In the last funding round in May 2022, they raised $22 million.


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